Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update on my progress

Well, I'm kind of disappointed. I challenged myself to loose 10lbs by July 25th I believe. I won't make it. I'm hovering at 225. To loose the 10lbs, I wanted to reach at least 220lbs. Ideally 219. I don't have a chance now.

I was doing my best, but hit a bit of a plateau. It took me over 2 weeks to realize that it was from not eating throughout the day. As soon as I started eating 6x/day, the scale dropped again. I was not eating any more, just spreading the calories out over the day.

I was still hoping for the best over the last week or so, but then I pulled muscles in my legs. I did my best to keep going the next morning, but it wasn't too long and I realized I needed to stop. So I stopped for two days. Today is the second day of no fitness. My legs are about 80% better already. But I've lost 2 days of workouts to reach my goal. And I hate to admit it, but my eating went off track too. I never over ate, I just didn't follow the 6x/day rule that I need to be following to see success.

I'm not going to let this stop me on my journey. I'm still going to keep giving it my all. Tomorrow is a new day. I can't wait to get back to running. I really do miss it. I needed this time off to allow my legs to heal, but I'm ready to get back to it.

Maybe I'll change the challenge now. I'll challenge myself to see how soon I can loose those last 5lbs to get down the 10lbs I wanted to reach. Why not.

I can say one thing, I'm feeling so much better about my body right now. I've got some new shorts. I've been wearing shorts for weeks now. Even running in them. I Never thought I'd wear shorts to run. It's always been capris up til now. But I'm running in shorts. Not only shorts, spandex shorts too. Heck, I'm even wearing them out. I've caught my image in the mirror when I walk past. I see a bit of a tummy I'd love to loose, but other than that, I like what I see. I'll have to take updated pics soon.

Anyhow, that's my update. Not as good as I wanted, but I know I did my best for it. Now to keep moving forward.

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