Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 12 Prebiotics - July 15

I am just worn out and a little frustrated.  For the last few nights, I've realized how much I'm getting up and down all night long.  Running to the bathroom.  It's from all the water I'm having right before bed.  With my prebiotics, I am drinking 3 glasses of water right before bed with my prebiotics.  Up to two glasses with the ozovit, and one glass with the markofruct.  I have been cutting back on the water with the oxovit - it's down to about a half a glass for the last two or three days.  But I'm still up many MANY times every night.

One thing that helps is knowing I'm almost done.  I only have to do this until Tuesday evening.  Starting Wednesday morning, I'm done the prebiotics, and onto the probiotics. 

As for everything else, I was feeling great yesterday.  Tired, but good.  I got my run in early in the day.  I had a nice long walk.  Had a nap.  It was just a go go go kinda day.

Today the plan is to do some canning.  I have some cherries I want to make into a syrup, and a bunch of tomatoes.  I'll be picking up more of each before I get started.  I figure why not make a big batch, if I'm going to be tied to the kitchen for the day anyway.

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