Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 7 probiotics - July 24

I had some sugar yesterday. Ice cream to be exact. About 3 servings.

Well, for starters, I crashed. Asleep about 8pm. Would've been earlier, but I had to go get my daughter. I thought that was bad enough.

Today I'm so angry I just can't stand it. I tried to go get groceries. What a mistake that was. I could've killed the next person who pulled off some of that shit. And it didn't matter what it was really. I was just PISSED OFF!

Get home to tell lee I never should have gone out. Just overwhelmed with stress & anger. So I log onto my computer to distract myself for a bit.

Well, mr control freak starts in on me. That was it. I threw my laptop at him & walked out of the room. His response! "Don't be like that!". How the hell should I be??? Do I have to ask your friggin permission to do what I need to do to deal with my anger???? Seriously????

I get it. Something's wrong. But his trying to control my every friggin move is just making it all worse! I can't take it anymore.

So as you can see, I'm over reacting. I'm stressed right out. I'm angry. This all can't be just from having some sugar yesterday can it?

How am I supposed to know if it's a reaction to a food? Or if there is something else going on? And does sugar actually stress people out this badly?

I feel like I'm loosing my mind today!

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  1. The following is from the email I received from my doctor. I emailed him to ask if sugar could have caused my issues, and if Candida could be an issue as well.

    Sugar can have different physiological effects for different people, but
    the short answer/overarching theme is: Yes, excess sugar can result in
    severe moods/emotional swings.

    Now for a more comprehensive explanation. While candida organisms can have
    an effect on how you feel (and they do thrive on sugar), emotional swings
    and moods are often not at the mercy of what kind of bugs you have in your
    GI tract. As a caveat to that, dysbiosis can result in increased fatigue
    an irritability, but that's usually low-grade and chronic (rather than the
    acute, high-grade you're mentioning). The most likely culprit for your
    'irritability' (for lack of a better blanket term) would be a precipitous
    swing in blood sugar as a result of the large dose of commercial "white
    sugar" within the ice-cream. Initially, you may have felt satisfaction or
    relief, and perhaps some initial boosts in energy (which may have been
    proceeded by a minor 'crash' in energy).

    With a large amount of glucose (breakdown product from sucrose - sugar),
    the body requires the pancreas to produce insulin to import that substance
    into the cells for production of energy. A large demand for, and
    subsequent production of, insulin can have long-standing physiological
    impacts on our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. This is
    especially true when you have a much larger dose of sugar than the body is
    accustomed to, and has to meet that demand very quickly - and may
    'overshoot' these hormone products based on chemical signalling. When it
    overshoots (i.e. too much insulin in the system), this can now result in a
    'rebound' type of effect, where too much sugar is imported
    intracellularly, leaving less sugar in the blood stream. When this
    happens, you go into a 'hypoglycemic' state - which can result in the
    symptoms you described (irritability, anger, frustration, feeling
    stressed/anxious, etc.) This phenomenon is what is known as 'glycemic

    The best way to avoid this from happening is, obviously, to not overstress
    your system with large amounts of sugar. Barring that, the most
    preventative measures against glycemic dysregulation are sufficient
    nutrient co-factors that help insulin sensitivity, proper 'building
    blocks' for hormone production, intra- and extra-cellular nutrients that
    help your metabolism function, etc. Essentially, maximizing your overall