Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 28 - July 4

I am still sleeping very restlessly.  Mostly due to the heat.

I am trying to eat more calories.  But today I'm thinking I'll start to actually weigh my foods.  No more visual guess work.  Maybe that's my mistake.

Anyhow, I'm still not loosing weight.

Today my heart is very heavy.  I blogged it all out.  It's a Tammy/Terry and generally sad stuff.  I'm trying to say good-bye to all this toxic crap in my life today.

I tried to go for a run this morning, but I have too much on my mind.  I wasn't able to just run and let it flow.  It weighed me down.

Last night I started the prebiotics.  I had one dose of the prebiotic, and one dose of something to prevent gas and bloating.  I felt okay.  Didn't notice any symptoms last night.  I'll keep it down to one dose a day for the next few days. If it all goes well, I'll add a morning dose as well.

This morning, I added the B-12 as well.  It's a once daily liquid vitamin supplement.  I sure am hoping it will help pull me out of this funk.

So other than feeling a little sad and frustrated, I'm doing well today.

I sure wish this would pass.  Based on what I'm eating, I should be feeling great.  Strong.  But this sadness has me a little weighed down lately.

I'm having some abdominal distress tonight.  Cramping.  The naturopath warned me I might have some issues with cramping and gas from the probiotics.  I am taking the medication to help prevent gas and bloating, but I'm getting more and more uncomfortable tonight.  I just took my second dose of it a few minutes ago, so hopefully it'll help with this.

At least I only have 2 weeks of this.

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