Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today's Kick in the Butt

It's a beautiful day out there today. Probably going to be another hot one. So I'd better get my motivation up and get out there and run soon.

Yesterday, I was too weighed down. Doesn't really matter. What happened yesterday was yesterday. TODAY is the focus now.

No matter what path you choose, this next hour will pass us all by. Do you want to make use of it? Do something that will make you proud? Or do you just want to sit here on our every expanding butt and watch time pass you by?

When you look back, do you want things to be proud of? Or tv shows to remember. Besides, you've already watched this one. Give me a friggin break. Life is about more than tv.

This run will:
emoticon Help you feel stronger
emoticon Help clear your mind
emoticon Get you one day closer to your goal
emoticon Is cheaper than therapy, and has better results anyway.
emoticon Help you sweat out some of this toxic crap that is weighing you down

Imagine regaining those strong muscular legs you've recently started to loose.
Getting your butt back down to those size 10 jeans again.

Can you imagine having a body like this? Heck, I'd find a way to book a trip to a sunny destination just to live out this picture if I looked like this. Wow.

The only thing standing between this

and this

is ME! I'm either the road block keeping me from getting there.

OR I can be the engine that pushes me to get there. I can be what earns that body.

Any step I take to get from where I am now, to the results I want is a positive step.

Went for my run. Ran C25K Week2Day3. Finished strong. Only cut a couple of runs short by about 10 seconds.

2.89miles in 40min. Avg HR 142. It was getting hot out again - almost no breeze. Already 17C 63F. So not too bad yet I guess. But it's not even 9am yet... 

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