Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today's Kick in the Butt

Want this? Really? I at least want something much closer to this than to this:

So, do you think sitting here on your butt will get you there? Really? I think sitting here will get me closer to the second picture.

If you want the body, you've gotta work for it. It won't come from sitting here, or from some magic pill. But it will come from a magic formula

As for the nutrition part, I NEED to focus on eating 6x/day. It's going to keep my body out of starvation mode. It will speed up my metabolism, and in turn, speed up my weight loss.

Fitness needs to be focused on every day too. Yes, I need a day off once in a while. But one in 7 is good. Otherwise, this fitness thing will always be an uphill battle, and I won't really be climbing. I will always be stuck making that first step over and over and over...

I know the equation. Now to put it into action.

I went running. Made it to 9minutes. Then folded it in. My leg is too sore to push on. It'll only hurt more. So I guess today's an easy day.

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