Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's Kick in the Butt

I'm up much earlier today. Should be nice for my run. Much cooler. It was just raining outside a few minutes ago too. Not enough to get everything soaked, but nice big drops. the road was barely damp for about 10 minutes.

Things are starting to come together for me. I don't want to loose momentum here, but slacking off. It will soon become harder to get my fitness in. Today is an easy day. I can get it in even before I have to make my first thing in the morning phone calls. So take advantage of it. Get the run done BEFORE the heat of the day hits. Work for those results you say you want.

And what's it going to take today? Me getting up and getting on my running shoes. Getting out there and doing what is best for my body.

This is not a punishment. It is a reward. There are so many benefits. Short term - I feel accomplished, endorphins, mood stabilization, glowing skin. Long term - regaining that body that I want, endurance, health benefits, being ready to run that marathon with my son, feeling accomplished in the long term, seeing just what I can get my body to do. I don't see any punishments there at all. I don't even have any pain when I run. I don't do pain. I push my limits, but not into pain. I push for growth.

Time to start racking up those miles

Back from my run.  I still didn't get W3Day3 done, but I'm gonna keep trying.  This time I went almost 3 miles.  I didn't turn back until the end of the route. 

I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow.

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  1. NEGU! Never Ever Give Up! You're doing so great on your C25K! I've never made it past Week One! I'll keep trying, though!
    Have a fabulous day!