Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 3 Prebiotics - July 6

So far so good.  The gas is not as bad yesterday as it was the first day, which is good.  I still have gas, but it's not causing me pain like it was.  I think the one medication/supplement is helping with that.

Last night we went out for supper.  I had a beef ribeye steak.  It's been months since I've had a beef steak.  It was okay.  Personally, I prefer when Lee BBQ's them on the grill at home.  But it was nice to get out for supper for a change.

I woke up not as happy as I was yesterday.  I had some dreams right before I woke up, and can remember them.  Rather than re-hash them and all the garbage that is tied to them, I'm working on just putting them out of my mind and moving forward.  Yep - they were about Tammy/Terry.  Enough said.

I'm feeling a little weak today too.  I'm not sure why. I ate plenty yesterday.  Maybe it was supper last night.  Maybe they added "stuff" I shouldn't really be feeding myself.  They often do that at restaurants.  Add hidden fats, etc.

I am still craving sweets like crazy.  I am hoping to find some soy cream soon, so I can make another batch of ice cream.  If not, I don't think I'll survive.  LOL.  Yes, I will, but these cravings are starting to get to me.  I have started craving chocolate bars again.  Not a good sign.

My running/fitness is getting better and better.  I am hoping I can keep progressing, and not fall back in that at all.

My thoughts are starting to turn for the better too.  Yesterday was overall a great day.  Right up until I was staring at about 5pm.  When I get hungry like that, I get cranky too.  Add sugar cravings on top of that and look out!

My mood took a sharp turn for the worse. I was downright mad for a while this morning. No idea why really. Okay, I have a bit of an idea. But I know my anger is an over reaction. So I'm guessing I don't know the whole story behind it all.

I know Lee's a bit of it. The bad dreams were a bit of it too. But my overwhelming anger... It was fight or flight, and I wasn't into flight.

My run this morning was tough. Mostly because I was so downright angry. It took so much of my energy. But I made it.

I was definitely drained when I was done. Lee and I went out and did some running around. I spent the entire time just wiped right out. I kept pushing through. Mainly because I knew I was up and burning more calories than sleeping.

I will have an awesome calorie burn today.

So now I'm wondering why I was so angry today. Angry and just plain burned out. 

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