Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Stone of the Week - July 1-7

Last week I:
- ran 5 days
- stuck to my cleansing diet with only adding cheese (small amounts) 3x.
- stayed hydrated
- took electrolyte tablets 1x

This week I want to:
emoticon Run at least 4 times
emoticon Start to calorie cycle. I will have ONE high calorie day this week - by Wednesday. On this day, I will allow some food that is NOT on my cleansing diet that I don't believe I will react to. I will track my moods/symptoms the entire time to be sure.
emoticon drink at least 12glasses of water a day
emoticon Take Lulu and Logan for at least 2 walks - these are in addition to my training runs.

I will try to not let the scale get me down. I was at 229lbs this morning. So by next Sunday, I want to see 227 again. I will not get frustrated until Saturday at the EARLIEST if it's not happening.

I also want to
emoticon get fliers ready and out for the Carpet Cleaning.

I hate to admit it, but I'm scared to. I'm scared I won't get any work. I'm more scared I'll be too busy. I know. It doesn't seem to make sense. But I'm scared. Time to suck it up.

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