Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 13 BodyMedia

Not bad for yesterday.  But below is the best part.  When I logged in, I saw this message:

I burned the most calories in one day yesterday, and I reached a highest average METS yesterday too.

What are METS and AVG. METS?

The energy cost of an activity can be measured in units called METs (metabolic equivalent). 1 MET is the energy expenditure for everyone "at rest." Two people resting will burn different amounts of calories, but they both burn 1 MET.

You can think of METS as a multiplier of calorie burn. You burn 1 MET when you are at rest. An activity that takes 3 METS burns approximately 3 times as many calories. Mild exercise (such as walking at a leisurely pace) increases energy expenditure to approximately 3 METs, while vigorous activity might require 6 METS.

The online Activity Manager shows you calorie burn and "AVG. METS", which stands for "Average METS". Calorie burn is individual to you, while METS can be compared between people.

Guess that means I was fairly active throughout the day yesterday.  Yeah me.

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