Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Kick in the Butt!

Enough Said? No

What is your problem? Earlier this year, you couldn't do it because of the living situation. Now? You just don't seem to want it enough.

Okay, so it's getting too late to be able to do the full training like you wanted. So what? Every step towards the goal is a bonus right now.

You ran the first half with only half the training. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone, but let's get realistic here. You went out and kicked it's butt having only ever run 6miles in one stretch before you went and tried.

Everything is paid for. YOU ARE GOING. PERIOD!!!

Your kids will be there cheering you on. So what if it takes you 8 hours. Just cross that finish line. PERIOD!

At this point, if I can run a solid 14miles, I'm sure I'll be able to cross that finish line within 6.5hours no problem.


Oh I known.

Yep. You've got it. YOU!!!


You can do this. You will do great. So get the heck out of your own way and kick it.

No matter what challenges life throws at you these next two months - and yes, I'm aware I may be up for a big one here soon - You can overcome it.

Look at how good you are at getting in your own way! Now put that power to good use.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 200 Day Challenge - Day 139 or T Minus 60!

Okay, maybe time to change the titles of these things. I've been so far off track, I almost don't know what the track looks like. So maybe I should change it to a count down.

59 Days to go. Day 60 is the big Day. So T Minus 60

I went running today. Nothing spectacular. I did run a 10min mile. I also got really light headed. But that's all okay. Now I know. I need to increase my salt intake tonight.

No muscle tiredness. But my heart/lungs were struggling more than they should have. That will come back, I know it will. Just gotta keep pushing forward.

So all in all, it was a good foundation run day.

Rather than feel lost and overwhelmed by how far I still have to go, I'm going to focus instead on the positives.

emoticon I ran
emoticon I figured out what I need to do to run farther tomorrow
emoticon I'm eating clean
emoticon I'm going to hydrate and get more electrolytes in all day and evening today

What an awesome day.

Obviously those endorphins are kicking in...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on yesterdays ... successes???

Okay. Start with the good stuff.

I ran. I ran for 30min. Covered 2.4miles. Then decided i was done. In total, including the walk home, I covered 4.3miles in just under an hour. Burned 750 calories. Yeah me.

But my nutrition was WAY off. More padding than fuel.

McDonalds Super size Fries and tartar sauce for lunch. that did me in. Seriously. I knew it was high in calories/low nutrition, but WOW!

Then went out for wings last night.

Basically, I went over my calories by about 300 calories. Didn't get in enough carbs.

And I wonder why my run didn't go as long as I'd wanted....

Okay. Although I KNOW better than this, and on and on and on. I'm not going to start on that. I ran yesterday. Despite not being properly hydrated and fueled, I ran. And I had an epiphany about my running yesterday.

I really think I'll be okay with it now.

Anyhow, on to todays plan.
emoticon Drink my water. Time to re-hydrate this poor ol' body
emoticon That laundry is STILL staring at me...
emoticon Dishes. Clean the dishes today
emoticon Run. W7D2M - 60min tempo run This will put me back on track.
emoticon FUEL not PADDING today.

To knock it out of the park:
emoticon Unpack one of the suitcases too
emoticon start to organize stuff that can go back to Calgary
emoticon run the 60min tempo run WITH OUT STOPPING. (fyi, I don't count walking a few steps to take a drink stopping)

I still need to decide. I am thinking of buying a heavy punching bag and a stand so I can start to train in kickboxing.

I have found a few second hand bags/stands. I need to find a good training DVD though.

But I know. I tend to not use the DVD's. To be honest, I need to learn how to do it right, then work out a routine. Put on the music, and beat the heck out of the bag.

There are no classes locally around here. The nearest place for classes is an hour away. Might be worth it to go for a few classes to learn technique. Then let loose...

I don't know why I'm thinking this. Realistically, I need strength training more than I need more cardio. And it's extra equipment. More $$$. More space.

Argh. Decisions Decisions Decisions.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When did this happen?

I'm sitting here today thinking. I've been really down on myself. Yes, I'm off track with my training, etc. But it's not the end of the world.

On Monday I decided to go running. I put on my shoes. I ran. 20min and 1.5miles later, I decided I was done. No, my hr wasn't too high. No, I wasn't hurting. Or even struggling for breath. I just decided I was done.

It's just hitting me now.


When did this happen? When did I become someone who could do that? What happened to the slow fat runner who couldn't run to the corner without becoming so winded that everyone around me thought I was going to die?

When did going our for a "short run" become something that I could do, and so easily yet?

I was sitting here all morning thinking there was NO WAY I could do my long runs that I should be at for this week. The long easy run is 120min. Okay. Maybe I won't make it the full 120min right now. But I know I can make 90. Heck, with enough mental determination, I can make 120.




Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's Kick in the Butt!

Not chasing a size 2. Just chasing a body that can rock this bikini.

Yesterday was a success. I didn't knock it out of the park yet, but it was a success.

emoticon I drank over 8 glasses of water
emoticon I ran for 20min
emoticon I cleaned the kitchen
emoticon I rode my pedal bike for 30min - left my van at home.

Today is my day. I will make today Day2 of Successful Days In A Row!

Today I will:
emoticon Drink at least 8 glasses of water
emoticon Run W1D2M - 30min tempo run
emoticon Eat Clean today - Fuel not Padding
emoticon Put away laundry

To knock it out of the park:
emoticon Burn 500 calories today
emoticon Clean out the fridge

Monday, August 8, 2011

Todays Kick in the Butt ... Could use some help with this one.

I am sitting here. Tired. Lethargic. Still not feeling well.

I'm fed up. I've given it a week. I moved out on my room mate a week ago now. Today it's been a week since he found out. He's already been nice and tried to get me back. He's been nasty to me again - actually had me crying again for a while this weekend. Then back to nice.

But I haven't been able to finish what I need to do for me.

And what do I need to do for me?
emoticon Finish cleaning the trailer. Not necessarily all of it. But at least the living areas I'll be using. It'll be nice to have a clean, organized living space again.
emoticon Running. Get back on track with my marathon training program. I am so far behind right now it's not even funny.
emoticon Regain my own sanity
emoticon Learn to love time on my own.
emoticon Eat for fuel, not for padding

I know. I can't do it all overnight.
emoticon I have been cleaning. My bedroom is 80% set up. The kitchen is about 90% done. I still need to touch up some walls, vaccuum, sweep, clean the other bathroom. Not a lot. I have taken a few days off for me, and I don't feel too bad about that. I need some me time too with all these changes. But now it's time to just get 'er done already.

emoticon I am slowly learning how to do this for me. It's taking time. It will take more time. I'm okay with that .

As for the fitness/nutrition... Well....

Okay. I have stocked my fridge with good foods. I need more freggies, but I'm getting there. I have to put together a few salads tonight - fruit salads, salads for lunches, etc. Basically prep work. Then stuff is easy peasy to put together.

Running. Well, I actually miss it. Besides, I'll feel better. I actually might sleep again.

I'm just so overwhelmed. According to my schedule, my runs this week are:
1. jog6min, run faster 3min, repeat x7
2. 60min tempo run
3. easy 120min run

It is TERRIFYING me. I don't really know why. I can do the longer runs. I have. Just last month. But it's been so long...

Okay. Time to stop looking at the whole thing. Just focus on today.

What can I do today to wake up feeling like a success tomorrow?
emoticon Eat well, and track everything eaten
emoticon Run. I don't care if it's only 10minutes, or a full hour. Just run today
emoticon Clean up that kitchen. Just finish it already. If you're out of energy, just move the suitcases into the bedroom and leave them for today. But GET THEM OUT OF THE KITCHEN ALREADY.

To knock it out of the park today
emoticon do the prep work on at least 2 salads
emoticon wash out the fridge, so it doesn't keep weighing on your mind.
emoticon burn over 500 calories today

Remember these little guys? How good you felt when they were around?



I can do this. Focus.

Today I will:
emoticon Track all my food
emoticon Drink at least 8 glasses of water
emoticon Run for at least 10min. Burn 500 calories - BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!
emoticon Clean out the kitchen

That's it. Not much. I'm not asking my body to run a marathon today. I'm not asking it to eat 100% for fuel and no treats at all. I'm asking for a baby step in the right direction.