Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today's Kick in the Butt

Well, here we go again. The Lazy-Boy has reached up and grabbed my butt. Now it's time to kick it right out of this chair and get my run in. Before it get's too hot out to do it.

Enough sitting here wishing the fat off my a$$. Sorry for the graphic language, but it's a graphic image I need to see. Wishing it won't make it so. Action will. Are you worth the 30min of effort it takes? Or not???

You can reach your goal by this fall, BUT ONLY IF YOU PUT THE EFFORT IN NOW. TODAY. Putting it off until tomorrow will only see you still here and struggling in a year. I know it. You know it. So what's the problem???

Okay, so I wasn't lazy yesterday. I made myself proud yesterday. But yesterday is done. It has no bearing on the outcome of today. If I don't get up and give 'er today, it will completely defeat and waste all I worked for yesterday.

The only way hard work pays off is when you build on it. If you stall out or stop, it is all wasted. It get's you no where. It only gets you to your goals if you KEEP GOING!

Think about it. I can either spend this next hour on my butt watching it expand. Or I can get dressed, get out there, and make myself proud. Work for the body I want. Heck, work for the body everyone wants.

Back from my run.  2.39miles in 35min.  Avg HR was 142.  It was hot out - 27C felt like 31C with the humidity.  But I made it.  C25K Week1Day2 done

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