Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Kick in the Butt

I can't seem to get my shoes on and get out the front door.  I start to think about it and that little voice inside starts to talk me out of it.  Heck, it starts even before I start to think about going out.

"It's cold outside.  Doesn't it feel nice and cozy here under this blanket?"
"Your toes are already chilled.  Just wait until they warm up"
"It's overcast outside.  No one wants to be out in this.  Your lucky to be able to stay in"

And yet, listening to this voice has my weight loss stalled.  I've known for the past two weeks, if I don't start moving, the weight loss will not only stall, it will start to reverse soon.  My body does things to "trick" me into eating extra calories when I'm loosing weight.  Even when I'm exercising, I need to watch out for this trickster.  I need to be vigilant at all times. 

I know for me, nutrition alone will not lead to weight loss.  I have better success with exercise alone.  But in reality, I need BOTH to be the most successful.  No two ways about it.

Yeah.  I know.  Sitting here thinking about it does nothing.

This may seem silly to most people, but it's a reality for me.  I feel like I've been loosing my mind.  Running will help me cope.  Heck, often it gives me such peace of mind, that I don't worry anymore.  It is the only time I've felt really happy too.  I miss those endorphins.

So get out there and work for it already.  Wishing won't make it so.  Work will.  Imagine how great it'll feel to get back into those size 10 jeans.  Seriously.  You think Lee is always chasing you around the house now.  Just wait until you regain that body that even your kids said was amazing.

It is going to take many many days of work.  If I push myself 6 days a week from now on, I'll be at my goal by October.  Yes, that seems like a long way off.  But how will it feel to get to Christmas this year, and still be stuck here?  How much will you hate yourself for letting that happen?

It only takes a half an hour.  Get dressed.  Get out there.  Make the most of that half hour.  Make it a productive half hour.  Then the hours that follow, you will benefit from it.

Your calorie burn will remain high.
You will be enjoying the endorphins.
You will feel great.
You will sweat out this "toxic" crap - actual toxins and toxic thoughts too.
You won't be cold for long.  You KNOW you've got one killer furnace.  Today is the IDEAL day to run.

I am considering also getting a membership at the local leisure center.  They have a weight room, pool, and a hot tub.  For about $35/month, I can have access to it all.  I can run on alternate days.  Then ride the bike to the center, and do some strength training on my off days.  As long as I take one day a week off for rest.

I can do this.  I can up my calorie burn by at least 500/day.  I KNOW I can.

I'm back from my run.  I am so glad I went. 

C25K W1D1.  Run1min, walk2min, repeat 10x.  I started to struggle at #5.  Really had to push #8.  But knocked #10 out of the park - I was so glad to be on the last one. 

I need to get my breathing rhythm back under control.  Once I have that, I'll be ready to tackle longer distances again. 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the endorphins today.

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