Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13 BodyMedia

I know.  My calories consumed were way too low.  I'm struggling with this one, and I'm not giving up.  I need to eat more if I'm going to be able to keep running, and I know it. 

Other than that, I almost met my calories burned.  Fell short by only 9.  I did try to go running.  My physical activity 31min is moderate (goal met), and 7min is is vigorous (half way to goal).

For those who are wondering, or just plain thinking it, no I'm not anorexic.  No, I'm not trying to starve myself.  I did eat 4 times yesterday.  Salads with roasted chicken breast don't have much calories, especially when you don't add any dressings or cheese.  The quinoa I have for breakfast every morning is quite satisfying, and low in calories.  Lean grilled salmon and asparagus don't have a lot of calories either. 

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