Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar withdrawal information

Some claim sugar is a drug, and functions much like many other drugs. Consuming sugar gives one temporary “highs” of energy and mood elevation. However, such highs may decrease with greater consumption of sugar. People who suddenly attempt sugar withdrawal are likely to have a few weeks of poor energy, cravings for sugar loaded foods, nightmares, and depression. Some also have flu-like symptoms when undergoing sugar withdrawal.

In the psychological sense, sugar withdrawal can be a very real and painful process, replete with cravings, anxiety or depression, and a general sense of loss when the addictive substance is not used. This suggests we take sugar withdrawal as seriously as addictions to other substances like alcohol or drugs. In many senses, what seems innocuous is actually a leading cause of many health conditions like early onset diabetes, obesity, and a variety of diseases of the organs.

Most people find that physical cravings for sugar will end within three to four weeks after complete sugar withdrawal. Emotional symptoms may linger beyond this point. This is especially the case when the initial cause for dependence remains unaddressed.

Nice. Well, I guess I finally got my answer to how long this will go on. And yes, I'm having horrible vivid nightmares now too. Wow. I had no idea sugar withdrawal was so severe. It's looking like I've got about 3 more weeks of this if I don't break down and give in. Grrrrr.

I am sure I'm going through sugar withdrawal. I don't eat packaged/prepared foods anymore. No wheat. No alcohols. It's been a full cut out of sugar. If there is sugar on the label, I don't eat it. Wow.

I just might spend much more time avoiding sugar when this is all said and done.

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