Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleansing Phase - Day 1

This go around it's going much better.  I am already used to what I can and can not eat.  There are no withdraws this time either. 

I went off of this process last night.  It took me 3 days to make that decision.  3 days and the "straw that broke the camels back" as well. 

That's another story though.  Here I'm just looking at the progress and how I'm feeling.

So far so good today.  I feel great actually.  No where near as stressed out as I was earlier this week.  No where near as bad as I was feeling yesterday either. 

I am feeling good.  I'm going to go out and get a few ingredients to make some more home made ice cream.  I ordered an ice cream maker, but it won't be here until the 29th.  So in the meantime, I'll be making it by hand.  Let me tell you, it's tricky making ice cream that falls into these food guidelines.  I have found multiple soy and coconut based non-dairy ice cream recipes.  Then top it off with the fact I can't have sugar or honey.  Despite all of this, I am figuring it all out.  I have found out how to substitute agave nectar for sugar - there's a great website with instructions on how to substitute agave nectar for almost any kind of sweetener. 

I am looking for a new job.  Not really active at it today though.  Today I am taking a day off.  Still re cooperating from the crap yesterday, and all of last week.

So that's my day so far.  In general, it's a good day, despite the heavy downpour of rain outside.  I feel good.

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