Monday, June 18, 2012

June 17 BodyMedia

Not bad for yesterday.  At about 6pm I found out I was going to be about 60 calories short of my calorie burn for the day, so I took the dog for a walk to the 7-Eleven to buy a tea.  It set me over my 2500.  My deficit was just over 900 for the day.  I ate more yesterday than I have all month, but it was good. 

I am still sticking to my cleansing diet.

When I was loosing weight in the past, I would burn off an extra  7000 calories/week.  I didn't use bodyMedia.  I would use a heart rate monitor.  If my heart rate is not up due to exercise, it would not register calories burned.  So it was 1000calories/day burned over and above my BMR.  so my calories burned on this chart would be around 3400 daily, and my calories consumed were between 1400-1800/day. 

I have noticed in the past 3 days, my weight loss from the dietary changes have stalled.  On Friday (or was it thursday morning?) I weighed in at 227.8lbs.  For the past few days, I am just over 230lbs.  Not a big increase - could be simply due to the salt I added on my fries that night.  But it's not coming back off.  It seems to be hovering. 

So now comes the tough part.  Time for me to kick my own butt into action again.  I looked back.  On Tuesday last week, I ran C25K Week1Day1.  Then that was it.  I did try to go the next day, and my hip hurt, so I rested.  But then I never got back to it. 

I remember that too.  One day off leads to 2, leads to ....

I'm thinking I've gotta do the Daily Kick in the Butt blogs again.  Get myself moving, no matter what it takes. 

Even as I'm saying this I'm thinking it's going to be hard.  I just don't want to move. 

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