Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Challenge for the next Month

Before July 25, I will loose another 10lbs.

I am determined to do this.

For the last week, my scale has me weighing in at 230lbs - give or take less than half a pound. I know I was at 227.8 over a week ago, but with the weight going back up and maintaining there, I am accepting that as my starting weight.

So Ideally, I would love to be at 217, but 220 would be acceptable as well.

Over this next month, I will be:
emoticonStarting some new vitamins
I am not really worried about the vitamins. I've been on these ones, or similar ones before. I am hoping I'll get more energy once they start to work. And be in a better mood overall. Guess time will tell with this one.

emoticonDoing a cleanse of my guts - wiping out all sorts of bacteria.
This one I'm worried about. I have been warned, it can cause excessive gas. I already have issues with that quite often, so ... I will be taking my "treatments" in the evening, and hoping the worst of it passes in the night. It's only for two weeks, so I can hold out for that long. I'm just worried it'll interfere with my fitness. I can't let it do that. I don't have a hope if it stops me from exercising.

emoticonSticking to my cleansing diet - not testing for food allergies.
I can not test for food allergies until I am done cleansing the bacteria in my gut anyway. It will be 2 weeks to clean it out, then 4-6 weeks of rebuilding (pro- and pre-biotics)

emoticonStarting the Pro/Pre-Biotic regiment
This will be happening towards the end of the month for me. I have no idea what to expect with this step. I am going to assume I will not notice anything, and it will all happen without incident.

So that's my plan. Keep eating clean like I have been for 3 weeks now. Increase my fitness. Push my body to new limits. Push myself. See what I'm capable of.

I know I can do this. I need to keep my motivation up, as well as my belief in myself. I will need to work on this every day as well. I know a huge part of this journey is believing I can do it. As long as I can hold to that, I will find a way to do it.

I know this is true. In 2009, I wanted to do everything I could to reach onederland before January1, 2010. I did. I worked my butt off - literally - and reached 199.8 on the morning of December 30, 2009. That was about 6lbs in one week. I really pushed my body to it's limits. So I KNOW I can loose 10bs in a month.

And just so you know, I'm off to a great start. The scale was back down to 227.8 this morning.

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