Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 18

Finally got some sleep.  My bodyMedia has me having over 10 hours yesterday.  It was broken up, but it's getting better.

I also ate much more/better yesterday.

One problem I'm finding.  When I eat burgers and fries, my weight is higher the next day.  I know it's partially salt retention from the fries, but it doesn't come off right away.  I guess my body is grabbing all it can and trying to pack the pounds back on.  I'll have to watch that.  Even using the Lean Mean Deep Frying Machine with a spin cycle isn't enough to keep the pounds off when we make fries. I guess I'll have to use more self control when we do that.  Limit the number of fries, and only one burger.  Put the rest away.

It's time to start thinking about what foods to re-introduce and when.  I think I'll be making a list later today.

Yesterday I was craving sugar like crazy again.  I guess I let myself get too hungry during the week.  I will have to watch that.

One thing I'm considering is not going back on sugar.  The withdrawal was so bad.  Food that is good for your body should not do that to it.  Besides, I'm really enjoying learning how to do this without adding processed sugars.  I will be canning my own ketchup soon.  Made some BBQ sauce the other day, it's is great.  I have a few more BBQ sauce recipes I'll try too.

I was just talking to Lee about considering not going back on sugar.  At first he felt it was far too limiting.  Almost everything processed has sugar.  He's right, it does.  But it also has citric acid.  In these three weeks, I've discovered why I can't have citric acid either.  Apparently, it's very costly to get the citric acid from fruit, so it's often fermented sugars and wheat products that go into making it.  Well, duh!!  No wonder I've been getting sick again.  In fact, it's quite possible it's been the citric acid that's been making me sick all this time.

So since sugar and citric acid are so closely linked in so many processed foods, I'm thinking even if I didn't cut sugar out completely, it will have to go anyway.  Besides, I'm looking forward to learning to make my own tomato based sauces, canning them, etc.  They taste so much better, and are so much healthier.

As for baking, I already know how to replace the sugars in the little bit of baking I do.  Struggling with celiac has already cut out so much baking, it's not even funny.

Ice cream?  Well, I know how to make some great ice creams myself.  So why would I want to go back to commercial?

Dairy.  Now that's a tough one.  I'll have to look at it more closely.

It's now 3:30pm.  I have been struggling with overwhelming sugar cravings.  I have a theory as to why.

1.  I just let myself get too hungry over this past week.  I was not eating nearly enough any day.

2.  It is possible that while on the road, I messed up and had some sugar.  Not a lot, but enough to set off my cravings again.

In either case, I will fight this off.  I am almost at the three week point.

But today while out wandering around, all I wanted to do was go and buy a handful of chocolate bars and just plain enjoy them.  It's causing some anxiety again.  I hate these cravings.

So I went to Subway.  Got a Chicken Breast Salad - lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, onion, and black olives.  Salt & Pepper.  That's it.  No sugar.  No dairy(cheese).  Just 5 servings of vegetables, and some lean chicken to top it all off.  It helped, but I'm still fighting sugar cravings.  Grrrrr.

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