Monday, June 25, 2012

Foods to Test

I have done it.  I've put together a list of the foods I have removed from my diet and am looking into re-introducing.

Foods to Re-Introduce:

cold cuts

egg substitutes

cottage cheese
yogurt - greek
yogurt - regular
non-dairy creamers


salad dressings
maple syrup

corn syrup
ice cream
brown sugar

I really do not know if I'm going to re-introduce all of them.  Honestly, the bottom 4 - especially the bottom 3 - are ones I'm not sure I ever want back. 

As for dairy, I'll test it, but I think I'm likely to keep it very limited as to how often I eat it.  I'll try to limit it to once a week.  I considered not re-introducing dairy and cheese, but I can't see it as being realistic.  I love cheese too much.  I don't do processed cheeses anyway, so that's one good thing.  But I love cheese melted on my gluten free pasta, with a little pasta sauce. 

Oh, as for pasta sauces, ketchup, BBQ sauces, etc, I will be making my own from now on.  There is citric acid added to all of them.  I found out this past week why I can't have citric acid, especially the commercially prepared citric acid.  In fact, it could very well have been what has been making me sick all along. 

I am hoping cottage cheese is okay - I miss cottage cheese with fruit mixed in.  That being said, I'll have to mix my own fruit mixes to add into it. 

I am wondering if yogurt is okay for me.  I will be testing greek yogurt, an regular yogurt separately.  I have avoided regular yogurt for a couple of years.  Mind you, I'm pretty sure there are sugars added to the flavored ones, so it might not be an issue for me anyway.  I will check plain greek yogurt.  and plain yogurt too. 

Guess I've got to get online and look for recipes to can fruit and look into making some fruit sauces as well. 

So much to consider.  Wow. 

So even though I have a list, it still needs lots of work.  And I also have to organize when I'm going to test what foods. 

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