Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Kick in the Butt - Struggling

I am sitting here on the couch. Melting into it actually. I just woke up about half an hour ago. I'm struggling to just get up off the couch and MOVE.

I should
- fill up my water bottle
- take my rensa
- grab a banana
- avoid the coffee pot

Simple right? Then why can't I do it???

I let this "oh who cares. It really doesn't matter" attitude take over yesterday. I just rested. This darn cold I've been fighting...

I know. It's an excuse. I should know better.

Yesterday ended in me over eating at supper time, bloating, and being gassy all night. Also generally not feeling good about myself. I'm tired of those feelings.

I ended up spending all day thinking I should get out there and do something. I should move. I should eat. I should drink water.

Funny how just simply stating all of this got me moving. I've pretty much done everything on my "should do" list from earlier.

So now I've had some breakfast. I've started my Visi regiment for today. I'm started on my water. And so far I've avoided the coffee pot. I'm off to a good start.

I need to be at work about 11:45 this morning. I only have a 90min break before I have my evening shift. If


The best time for me to go running is this morning. I just don't know if I can get up and get moving. I have less than no motivation right now.

Compromise. I'll rest now, but go at 9am. That gives me some more time to get in more water and wake up. I have a time I'm going running. And I'll have time to get cleaned up for work without rushing.

It's days like today that show me what I'm made of. That show me just how strong I can be. These are the days where weight loss happens. When you push through the lack of motivation - the overwhelming desire to just melt into the couch and do nothing.

No motivation? Babysteps

Get Dressed
Get Shoes On
Go Outside
Just go running for 10minutes. If you can't continue, stop. But if you can...
Finish your training run for the day.
Cool down on the walk home.
Enjoy the endorphins
No more stressing about having to get out and do something.

The hardest part is starting

I'm back. I didn't finish my run, but I did go. I got it half way done before I couldn't breathe anymore. Too many people out cutting their lawns today. lol. Anyhow, I got out there. Now to get cleaned up for work. 

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