Saturday, May 4, 2013

Today is DAY 8 - May 2

I think I was right about the pasta thing I mentioned in one of my blogs yesterday. The bloating "seems" to not be as bad today. I'm also down to 233.6 this morning. I think that's enough for me. No more pasta for a while. Until I figure this out.

Even with the last minute serving of frozen yogurt and blackberries I had last night, I stil had a calorie deficit of just over 1100. Not too bad, considering I didn't go running and spent my day sitting at a desk for most of it.

It's early this morning. I'm actually surprised I'm awake. I had so much trouble falling asleep last night. It was close to 2am. When I did sleep, it was all broken. According to my bodymedia, I was up or awake about 8 times last night. That's after I actually fell asleep until I got up this morning.

Anyhow, on to today. I have training starting at 11am. I want to get to the gym. I also want to run this morning. I will need a bath after all of that.

I will be going through my closet to find something appropriate to wear to work today. I am thinking of going to Reitmans today also - looking to see what there is for dress pants and nice tops. I know the tops are on sale today.

So the plan for this morning is:
if there's time, shop
training at 11

I have 3 hours.

There is a lot to get done this morning, but I'm worth it.

9:30am back from todays run. I was able to push farther than I have in a long time. I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of this again.

I also got into the gym and home for a shower before training today. Even had time to make my salad for lunch.

Today was a total kick a$$ day!

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