Friday, May 10, 2013

I think I blew it

I think I blew my streak yesterday. I'm seriously considering re-starting it. I'm not giving up. I just think I should re-start back at day 1.

I am sick with a cold. I don't know whether that is just an excuse though. Top that off with eating over my calories...

I made a commitment to 12 weeks of trying every day.

I understand that illness can and sometimes should prevent exercise. My body needs time to heal.

But I'm looking back. In my first week I needed two days off from fitness, due to injury. That was legitimate, and I ate within my calorie ranges. In fact, I still had calorie deficits each day.

In my second week, I'm already up to two days off of fitness. There was a third day, but I walked enough to get my fitness in

I guess this dilemma is my fault. I never did clearly define what a successful day is.

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