Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today is DAY 14

Today is DAY 14. 2 weeks done. I've been struggling with muscle pain and illness, but I haven't given up.

Today I am congested on my left side. It's no surprise. But I'm still not giving up.

I don't know how well it'll go, but I'm going to get dressed and go for a run this morning. I just rounded up my pills for this morning - Visi and cold fx. I also have an asian pear. I have NO appetite, but I'm going to break the fasting of last night with something healthy. Before I get too hungry to eat right.

I got on the scale this morning. It's down to 232. I know. That's not much. When I started this challenge, I was at 234.8. Being down to 232 can be seen as a little disappointing, but I see it as progress. Especially since I've been sick and injured in these two weeks also. It shows me I'm making progress, and should not quit.

I am not giving up. As lousy as I'm feeling today, I'm going to finish this asian pear, get dressed, and go for a run. I'm going to do my best to finish my run strong today. Last week I promised myself to do EVERYTHING I can to get through week3 of my running training. It's only for 30minutes. Push myself to my limits for 30 minutes. I can do this. Then I'll be able to spend the rest of my day basking in my success.

I will not let this cold keep me down. I will fight back.

Today is my day to be strong.

Today I'm going to push as far as I can. I hope to be back here soon telling you I had a successful training run today.

I'm back. I did my best to complete the full training run. I had to take a couple of extra breaks. Considering how sick I've been, I did better than I thought I would. My average HR was at 148. So I did push myself.

Time to get ready for work and enjoy the endorphins. 

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