Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 61

This is beyond frustrating. It won't stop raining here. It's flooding again too. I'm not well enough to run in the cold and the rain yet.

emoticon I could just SCREAM!

I need to find an alternative. I am considering getting a membership to the local community gym. It is a month to month thing. I can cancel at any time. Then I'd have access to a treadmill. In my opinion, using a treadmill for my training is only slightly better than not training.

I'm not saying anything against those who can make it work. I just can't. Treadmills don't work for me. I get it. I deal with it

But there I could also force myself to focus on some strength training as well.


I have to deal with other people. I prefer to workout alone. No audience. No competition for the equipment.

I wonder if I can make it work. If I do home workouts? I have never had success at this before. But then again, I never had success making myself do abs workouts at home before last week either.

Maybe I can do it. I'd need some weights. I already have JM's 30 day shred. Maybe I should try to see if I can do it. Even just once.

But that doesn't solve my running dilemma. However, I run all winter around here. I can just suck it up and get out there and run again. I am almost well enough. Next week. Rain or shine, I'm going. As for this week, I'm going tomorrow. It should be sunny...

I am just so frustrated right now. I seem to be getting no where.

But tomorrow is June 1. I am going to challenge myself. 30miles a week. With 4 1/2 weeks in the month, I'm sure I can cover 120miles. By the end of June, I am hoping my long runs are up to 10miles. I almost have to be. If I'm going to be up for a 26.2mile run in October...

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