Saturday, May 14, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 43

Okay.  No judgements please.  This is the before picture of my new bikini.  I got two of them from Victoria Secret last month.  

I am about to tear apart what I want to improve to really rock this suit, but first.

I love that I have such long legs.  They already look great, but will look so incredible soon.
Running is really shaping up my butt.  It’s not perfect yet, but it will look great soon
I actually have a shape, and it’s not round!!!
And look at those tan lines.  That’s from getting out there and RUNNING!  Go Girl!

Okay, now for what I want to fix before I wear this out in public:
-          Spillage in the cups.  It’s getting less and less.  Hopefully in another 20lbs it will be minimal or gone.  Think I’ll put in a rubber layer inside the cups anyhow to help hold the girls in.
-          My tummy.  It is SO far from a 6-pack.  Okay, realistically, I won’t ever have a 6-pack.  Not a problem for me.  But I want it to be a little more concave then convex.
-          The muffin top is getting smaller.  I can’t wait until there isn’t one in this suit anymore.
-          I am noticing a bit of back fat too.  Looking forward to that roll minimizing, or even going away completely.

This suit is a Victoria Secret Large.

Not I can do this.  I can see it being possible.  It will just take work.

Wishing won’t get me there. 

I can do this.  Running will get me most of the way there, but it won’t get me 100%.  I need to work for it.

I can do this.

She is living inside of me somewhere.  I need to tap into her power.  I need to want this bad enough to work for it.

Lunges.   Crunches.  Back Strengthening Exercises.  All will help tone these areas as I burn the fat off by running. 


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