Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Last September to Today

September 2010 I had some major upheaval in my life again.  Within 6 weeks, I could not fit into my size 9-10 anymore.  I finally got on a scale in January.  I was up to 225lbs.  I tried to get back into running.  But instead of my weight dropping, it kept climbing.  I was so frustrated. 

I stopped for about a week, and kicked my own butt.  I was NOT going to end up back where I was.  I WAS going to fight it.  By this time, I was at 230lbs.  Now, no matter what, I was going to fight back.  I DESERVED to fit back into my tiny jeans and I was going to do it.  NO MATTER WHAT!!!

It has been an uphill battle.  And a very slow process, but I’m making progress.

I decided running for the sake of running wasn’t working for me.  I needed a challenge.  Then it presented itself.  A sparkfriend told me she was signing up for the Nike Womens Marathon in October in San Francisco.  This race is one that has so many people applying, that there is a lottery to be selected for the chance to run it.  So I decided to go for it. 

I needed a challenge.  I have already run a half marathon.  And realistically, I knew I could cross that finish line without really committing to training again.  I mean, I did it last time.  So I upped the challenge.  I signed up for the full marathon.  The whole 26.2 miles.

And guess what.  We were selected to run.  I have to cross that finish line in under 6.5 hours.  I am in full marathon training mode. 

And that pretty much brings us up to today...

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