Saturday, May 14, 2011

The beginning of my journey

I am so frustrated with this blog right now.  I started it on Thursday this week.  That is the day the site ended up having to be rolled back to 24 hours previous.  I had posted only 2 blogs, but I don’t even recall what was said.  

I waited 36hours for this blog to come back up.  Even posted a question about if I could still expect it to show up again or not.  No answer.

So here I am, restarting it.

Okay.  So anyway, here goes.

In 2008 I was selling dance shoes at a local dance competition.  I love watching dancers.  They look so great.  Anyhow, one of the pro’s was a friend of mine.  She was stunning.  She captivated my attention.  I was watching her dance, but it was more than that.  I spent some time watching to see exactly what it was that I saw in her.   She was tall.  Slender.  Looked incredible.  She commanded attention when she stepped on the dance floor. 

Then it hit me.  I have all the building blocks to be that person.  I am very tall.  I have legs that go on forever.  I can also look great when I put the time and effort in.  The biggest difference was the extra weight I was carrying.  I was weighing about 245 at the time. 

I had been struggling with my weight for years.  I finally started to just give up.  Everything I tried just lead to more weight gain.  It was so frustrating.

Before I got married, I was going to the gym about 5 times per week.  Really working out.   I was trim, but my weight was still at about 210lbs.  No matter what I tried, I could not break that point.

When we moved to Calgary, I tried Jenny Craig for weight loss.  I went from 225 down to about 210.  Again got stuck here.  And I was frustrated with the system.  How was I going to learn to eat real food, when I was on this diet where all the food was prepared for me?  Between that, and my consultant just not being very excited about my weight loss, I finally gave up again.

And there I was at this dance competition.  Admiring that lady who looked incredible. 

So I decided I had to figure out how to get there. 

I was a HUGE fan of The Biggest Looser

What an amazing show.  These people were so much worse off than I was, and making incredible progress.
I realized it was not possible to make that kind of progress in the real world, but the principles behind what they were doing should work.  Calories in versus calories out. 

I looked into the BodyBugg System.  I soon realized I could not afford the system, and the ongoing fees.  So, I started to learn what it did exactly.  The BodyBugg tracked calories burned.  Okay.  There had to be another way to do that. 

I got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  Now to find out how calories burned converted to pounds lost.  I started to search online.  I found out it is about 3,500 calories burned for 1lb lost.  It’s not an exact science, but this is a good general rule.

Now I needed to track the calories I was eating.  I also had to learn how many I needed , and other nutritional information.  I did a web search for nutrition trackers.  I found . 

What an amazing site!  It was incredible.  I could track my nutrition, calories in, fitness, calories out.  And it was full of information.  Exercises to do.  Health information.  And the best part – the online community.  I could connect with others trying to loose weight also. 

This was such a god send at this point.  I signed up on March 15, 2009

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