Monday, June 20, 2011

Why am I not loosing any Weight?

I have been sitting here thinking. When I was on Sparkpeople last time, I was kicking it out of the park. Weight was just dropping off of me. Now.... not so much

What is different? My diet has changed a little, but not much

It's my fitness. I used to have to log minutes ahead or behind. I would get in hours in a day. Now, not so much...

I don't know if I can't fit in all that time, or if I am just not motivated to try. Yes, I've got a full time job now. I can still fit exercise in on the other 16 hours of my day right???

Okay, so I'm not one for early mornings. I might have to try to change that though...

Lunch time. Too short for my running training anymore. It used to work fine. Not so much anymore. I guess I could go for a shorter run at lunch, and knock 50% of that time off of my longer run later - or earlier, which ever.

It's getting too hot to run right after work. So that's not a good time to do that kind of activity. I could go to the leisure center. Lift weights then. It's air conditioned. Swim. Could bike ride, but gotta be careful about that one too...

Speaking of bike riding. I could park the van and bike more. Why not?

I can also go in the evenings. But this is the hard one. Colin gets in the way there. Okay, partly Colin. Partly me. I don't really want a hard workout that late in the day.

Well, I know a few keys. Hydration. Electrolytes. And Fuel. I need to keep them all on hand during my runs now. Otherwise I'm hooped.

I used to dance a lot too. That burned a lot of calories I'm no longer burning.

No wonder I was so over my time almost daily back then. How do I get myself back there again?

My training runs are getting longer and longer. My speed training is taking almost 1 1/2 hours and increasing. My tempo run is now at 100minutes. My easy run is at 2 hours now and climbing.

So any running day, I'm getting in at least 90 min of cardio. Averages close to 2 hours right now.

Gotta tell ya, that's wiping me right out. Hard to want to do anything on my off days. And if I set the bar too high, I'll fail and give up. I didn't start out at working out 14hours a week back then.

I always kind of felt like my dancing was a bit of a cheat. It was more fun than anything. But I did wear a hrm and track calories burned. So I didn't cheat there. But there's no where to dance here. I miss it so much.

I have been conisidering taking kick boxing or something like that. I just don't know. The cost. And not knowing where to work out locally... I'd have to drive an hour each way for lessons, etc.

Right now my biggest priority is my running. I need to train for this marathon. But I also need to add some other things. Strength training for one. But even more important would be stretches.

Okay, I admit it. I don't stretch enough. Almost not at all. I keep figuring I'll stretch when I need to. Why can't I get it through my head I NEED TO NOW!

Sometimes I can be such a bonehead.

Okay, so I've got a master plan. I want to start to max out the fitness. That means average 2hours of cardio a day, and strength training/core. This is my goal to reach the top of this mountain. Now I need to find ways to get there.

The top of my mountain:
emoticon 60 spark points a week on Strength training - gives me one day off
emoticon Stretching after every workout
emoticon Running 4times a week or more.
emoticon 840 fitness minutes a week - 2 hours a day
emoticon Burning over 7,000 calories a week.

Last week.
emoticon No strength.
emoticon No stretching.
emoticon emoticon Ran 3(?)times.
emoticon emoticon Got in just under 300 fitness minutes.
emoticonBurned 3587 caloires.

My goal for next week:
Stretch after EVERY run, even if it's only for a few minutes to start with.
Run at least 3 times, maybe 4
Get 330 fitness minutes
Burn at least 3500 calories.

It's not a big leap from last week. But stretching is completely new, so I am making that a priority this week. Learn how and stretch after every run. I think I can do this....

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