Monday, June 13, 2011

The First steps to regaining my self-esteem!

I went running today. And had to keep convincing myself just a little farther. Keep pushing. The whole 5 miles was like that.

In the last 60 seconds, I debated calling it quits. Then I realized 60 seconds! I can so kick that out and completely kick a$$ on this workout.

emoticon Kick Colin and his destroying my self esteem
emoticon Kick myself back into a motivated gear to keep going
emoticon Kick start my training again.
emoticon Kick my own butt off the lazy boy and back to work.
emoticon Kick those shoes down that highway for another rockin workout
emoticon Kick those next two pesky pounds that just won't let go of me

hmmm. no mountain emoticon....

Now who's with me? Who kicked a$$ on today's workout? Who is ready to tackle this mountain of weight loss ahead of you? Or mountain of a training schedule? Or whatever mountain is there?

He doesn't deserve to have me even say hello to him. Stupid a$$ hasn't even said good morning. Hasn't in weeks. Not that I expect a big deal of it, but a simple good morning. Acknowledging I exist. Admitting I matter in some way.

Wait a minute! I forgot who I was talking about. I DON'T MATTER TO HIM AT ALL.

I am a trophy. To be taken out and shown off at opportunistic moments. And to show off my motorcycles parked in his yard.

What a looser! I am SO WORTH MORE THAN THAT!

I really hope this new place I've found works out. I'll keep y'all posted.

And yes, I'm a Canadian who says 'eh and y'all. Only it usually goes y'all 'eh! emoticon

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