Saturday, June 18, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 79 Kicking some Butt!!!

Got up this morning. Room mate buggered off again. His issue. Trying not to make it mine.

Decided best thing to do would be to go running. He came back just as I was leaving. Told him I'd be in touch as to when I would be done.

Started off slow and easy. Kept my thoughts positive. Had a bottle of water (1.5litre) and two Gu packets with me, in case...

And off I went.

An hour later, I was swinging back by the house. Texted Colin and told him I'd be at breakfast in an hour, please bring me a clean shirt, a bottle of water, and an ice pack.

So kept plugging away.

I made it. A 110minute run. Okay, so I did stop for water breaks - enough to drink a full 1.5litre bottle while I was out there. And one bathroom break. Just in and out. I did have to stop and walk once in a while. But I kept pushing.

Oh, I did use up one of my Gu packets too. some at 45min, more at abotu 70min because I knew I needed some energy to get back up the hill I was running down.

Covered 8 miles. Burned 1400 calories.

Then I went into the washroom at the restaurant. Actually started gagging. Guess I didn't cool down right. Oops. Gonna have to watch that.

Almost cooled off now. Have a very slight ache in my head - from my blood pressure dropping to fast after my workout. My bad.

Looking forward to a nice shower, clean dry clothes, and some rest.

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