Friday, June 17, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 78

I am just now finishing entering in my foods for yesterday. I am way low on everything. I still have a single GF donut to add, but I need to get the caloric info off of it first. Still below all my ranges probably.

But aside from that, I'm not feeling well today. Not sick. Swollen. My hands are not visibly swollen, but they feel that way. And my feet. My shoes that are often loose are snug today, with a bit of throbbing in them.

I am so frustrated. I noticed the bloating when I ran a couple days ago. It happens sometimes, and usually goes away.

I wonder if this is a self sabotage, mind causing issues, thing. I don't think so. I am frustrated with how poorly my running went, but if something is not working right, that explains why the runs went so poorly. And now I'm seeing the physical manifestation of it???

Anyhow, I'm not over the top concerned. But I will try to see a doctor about it sometime soon. Not sure if that's possible around here or not though...

Plan for today? I really don't know. Definitely less sodium. So onward and forward with no wings, chips, or dip.

hmmm. Just a random thought. I did have a diet dr pepper yesterday. I wonder if I might not be having some kind of reaction to it? But what could I be reacting to? I used to LIVE on aspartame.

Okay, that was my mind wandering, but good thing I made a note of it. I wonder...

Anyhow, back to the plan.

emoticon Less Sodium
emoticon Listen. I mean really listen. To my body today. It's trying to tell me something.
emoticon If I want to, I'll go running later today. If not, I won't. Part of listening to the body for today.
emoticon Eat clean and well today.
emoticon Look into electrolyte replacement tablets. Already emailed a local running store (2 hours away) to see if they have them.

The weekend is starting. I have no plans for it. I guess I should start to consider what I want to get done. Or I risk loosing another weekend locked up alone in that house....

emoticon Clean the kitchen
emoticon Maybe bake some cookies? Cake?
emoticon Clean out the fridge
emoticon Laundry
emoticon Re-organize my living space. Get rid of winter stuff and store it.
emoticon Clean up the living room. I hate living in such a crowded space.

Maybe I should just focus on cleaning what I can see. It would take me all weekend. But it might piss Colin off again. I just don't know what to do...

For now, I'm going to check my email. See if anyone has gotten back to me.

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