Friday, June 17, 2011

Water retention and body swelling

My hands and feet are swelling. I wasn't imagening it.

So what's the first thing I do? Well post in my running teams to ask if they know what's going on of course. And call for a doctors appointment.

Well, saw a doctor. Between our discussion there, and the wonderful friends I have who responded to my posts, I'm pretty sure there are a couple of small things causing this issue.

emoticon Hot summer weather. Can't do much about that, but acclimate. It will take time. But in the meantime, I did buy some ice packs to help ice after a good run.

emoticon Although I am drinking water, I am starting to suspect my coffee/tea through the day is keeping me from getting enough water, especially for my running.
SOLUTION: Cut out the coffee/tea. Or at least cut it down to 1/day.

emoticon Not enough beer.
KIDDING!!! Besides, I'm allergic to beer. Good thing I don't really like it anyway.

emoticon Not enough electrolyte replacement. I know this one. I black out if I don't watch this one. So what do I do??? Ignore it. DOH!!!!
SOLUTION: Smarten up! Get in more of the electrolytes after a run. But start to look into the pills as well, to take them during runs. Got this tidbit from my wonderful sparkfriends who run. Especially now that I am pushing for longer and longer distances. It will be come major important.

So, today I'm taking a day off to rest my poor swollen feet. But look out tomorrow. Retention or not, we are going out to pound the pavement!

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