Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Kick in the Butt ...

I am trying to put my personal issues behind me for a bit. Yes, they are still weighing on my mind, but I've done a lot with them today. Time to put them away and focus on what's important right now - ME!

I am in a challenge. I am supposed to get in 1hr of fitness every day.

Can I stomp my feet and scream NO NO NO!!!

Okay, lets be honest here. We ALL know I can. Some of us might even be aware of how good I am at this.

But does it get me anywhere? NO!

Remember why you are doing this. Not only the short term goals. Lets face it. Some endorphins today would be great.

They would help with my personal issues as well.

And I'm working on reaching Onederland. The scale going up almost a pound today was not such good news.

It's time for me to get out there and earn this body I want.

And while I say that I'm still looking for an easy way out. I almost had myself convinced that a 10min run down to the store, wandering the store to buy stickers, and a 10min run home would be enough.

Enough for what? To make it look like I'm committed? Yeah, that's about it. LOOK like I'm committed.


No matter what, that hour is going to pass you by. Do you want to finish that hour with regrets? I wish I had gone and run, I'd be done now. I'd be floating on a cloud of endorphins.

Or are you going to make the most of that hour. Get that run in. Enjoy those endorphins. Bask in the bragging rights that only those who REALLY WORK towards their goals can bask in. Let's face it. Making it LOOK good will get me no where. I might as well actually MAKE IT GOOD!

Now to find a way to make it work. Yes, it's hot out. It's 24Celcuis. Probably still a little humid, but not as overwhelming as it has been. Looks like there are a few clouds out there too. Nothing major. Just enough to help block out some of the sun. Besides, it's possibly going to thunderstorm tonight.

Oh no. There's the heart burn. What a pain in the.....

emoticon That's okay. Tums will take care of that. And I can take my vitamins at the same time. Where there's a will, there's a way.

I will not let you win this battle. So you might as well start working with me instead of against me. Let's turn that energy towards reaching the goals laid out ahead of me. I can seriously kick a.. on these goals if I did that.

Okay. Why not head home after work. Get changed right away. Run. Make it an hour run. Then end up at the store to buy the stickers you are looking for. It won't be a knock it out of the park kind of day, but I'll count that as a success. Then I still have to get home from there. Or I could get my room mate to pick me up. We need to get some groceries for supper anyway...

Okay, here's the plan
emoticon Start to hydrate right now.
emoticon Head home from work in just over an hour
emoticon Get changed as soon as I walk in the door
emoticon Go for an hour run. Just get out and run
emoticon End the run at the Stationary Store
emoticon Buy some stickers for my calendar

From there, I can call for a ride home if I want. Or I can walk. Maybe even run if I still have it in me.

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