Monday, July 11, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 101

I have been struggling with exhaustion for a couple of weeks now. Not that I'm pushing beyond my limits. Instead I've been avoiding my running training. SO NOT a good thing.

It's because of the heat. I can't run in the extreme heat of the day.

I've tried to get up early. It hasn't been working. I'm looking at needing to get up at 4am to make it work. That is so not feasible for me right now.

So I went to my boss. I asked him if I could make my schedule a little more flexible for at least two days a week. I want to run in the morning. I'll be in a little later. I will make it up by cutting my lunch hours short. And if it ever gets to be about 4hours that I have been "off", I will fill out a vacation request for the time.

The plan is to get up. Eat. Run. Shower. And get to work as soon as I can. I can work through lunch. I can work up to a half hour later each day.

I need to track my hours, since Simon is determined to make my life a living he11. Anyhow, Phil (my supervisor and the plant manager) has said he wants me to track my hours, and get him to sign off on them. I figure weekly will work out fine.

So, starting tomorrow, the new plan is to run two weekday mornings a week. I also want to go for easy, relaxing runs in the afternoons/evenings. Even if I walk most of them. No biggie. It's all about acclimating to the heat as well.

That, and I'm still leaning towards going to the gym 3x/week. Lunch hours. Taking them from 11-12 on days when I'm not running...

I think I can make this work. I think with this little bit of help, I can get back on track and reach my goals by October.

Wish me luck!

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