Friday, July 8, 2011

50 Reasons Not to Skip a Workout - With Pictures

Come up with 50 reasons to not skip a workout AND NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM CAN INVOLVE HEALTH, FAMILY OR GROWING OLD.

Okay. I'm game.

1. ENDORPHINS. They're great. Anyone who's experienced the post-workout endorphins know what I'm talking about. The COMPLETELY LEGAL, TOTALLY KICK A$$ HIGH you get. Overcome with joy. Feeling just like acting silly and enjoying life. It's great.

2. Yep. Tiffany's Jewellery! I'm not kidding. When I cross the finish line at the Nike Womens Marathon this October in under 6.5hours I get some. Presented by firefighters in tuxes. hehehehehehehe. Can't wait. Notice I said "when" not "if"....

3. Speaks for itself.

4. I am sick of this Muffin Top I've been carrying. It's gotta go. PERIOD

5. The feeling of freedom. You can't even describe it. You've gotta be there.

6. Because even though when I'm doing it, I'm tired and fighting for the right attitude to keep going, and wishing the next car that passes me by will accidentally run me over so I can stop. Even then, I know deep down I am learning to love it. I love the feeling I get from it.

7. I don't care if I finish first or last. As long as I finish, I will feel like a first place winner!

8. To have my body covered in a thin, glistening layer of sweat. Knowing how hard you have to work to get that. And knowing I DID IT!

9. To get from here...

10. To here. And yes, I do own this bikini too. Just haven't taken a pic in it yet.

11. To feel as sexy as this pin-up appears to feel.

12. Now who wouldn't want this kind of reaction when they walk by.

13. Or even this kind of reaction. Okay, I couldn't find a good pic of a guy drooling over a sexy model type walking by, but you get the point...

14. For the opposite of this image. Working out helps me keep depression at bay. The more I have in me to fight it off, the less I have to fight. It just seems to not bother me at all.

15. To tame this little guy. He's the one who tried to convince me to just melt into the couch and relax. Unfortunately, that leads me away from where I want to be.

16. To learn just what I am made of . Just how strong am I? I still haven't discovered that.


18. To KNOW I will look half this good walking away. To never have to wonder about how bad it looks anymore...

19. To know I am on the right path. I am making the right decisions. I am not a failure!!!

20. To avoid looking like this when I finish my race this October.

21. To be able to wear anything I want to. Even if I never do because I feel I'm too old to pull it off. Doesn't matter. I want the option, knowing I would look great in it.

22. To be an example to my daughter, who is battling her own battle of the bulge.

23. Okay, not so much to be carried across a threshold exactly. But to know if someone ever wanted to pick me up, they could. I wouldn't be twice their size!

24. Because I feel so lost. This is one path, that I know the direction. I know how to get there. I want to get there. This is one way I can feel I AM ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING IN MY OWN LIFE!!!

25. To become as beautiful as this unique flower. I know I'm beautiful inside. But I also want it outside. I want people to be able to instantly see it.

26. To avoid the fat prejudice out there. You all know what I mean. Fat people are lazy. They smell. and so on. It hurts. I don't deserve it. And in case you didn't know, NEITHER DO YOU!!!

27. To follow through on something I've started for once in my life. I have set smart goals. Now to reach them.

28. To know I'm being successful on this journey. If I keep taking these little steps, I will be able to reach those starts I've set out for myself...

29. To create my own tomorrow. Not to just coast through life.

30. To break though the limits that I've felt keeping me locked down.

31. To stop wishing, and start doing.

32. Kind of self-explanatory here too

33. To keep myself from wanting to do this on a regular basis. Frustration from being overweight!

34. To complete my Circle of Success!


36. To discover who I really am along the way

37. Okay, so a size 2 is out for me. I'll be happy back in 9/10.

38. To feel CONFIDANT that this saying is all about me. That I do run like a girl and that others have to keep up to me!

39. To unleash my inner super hero. She gets to come out and play when I'm working out.

40. Okay, so I might never have a 6 pack. I really don't want them. But I want closer to this than what I have now.

41. Look at that feeling of Freedom. Accomplishment. Like she can do ANYTHING. I want it!!!

42. To prove to myself I can affect the outcome by taking care of my attitude. Once it's on board with me, nothing will be able to stop me.

43. To stop being able to find excuses to get out of my workouts.

44. To stop feeling like my life is so controlled by the scale. I don't know if controlled is the right word. But everyone here knows what I mean. The scale is a HUGE part of my life now. I want a healthier relationship with it. I don't want to kill it so often.

45. To know I'm doing my best to live up to BEING this.

46. Because I know this is true. If I really want it, I've got to work for it.


48. Just a recap. Fire Fighters. In Tuxes. With Tiffany's.

49. To get back to Onederland. And NEVER leave again


Wow. I didn't know if I would be able to get to 50. Hmmm

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