Saturday, July 9, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 100

What a day.

I got up early. Went running. I was feeling strong. I was going to go for the full 120min. But at 30min, my music player stopped. I was beyond stressed. And pissed. It was brand new. First time using it, and it died after 30minutes. SO NOT HAPPY!!!

But then I had a decision to make. Let this affect my attitude and keep me from finishing my run? Or adjust my attitude and kick this out of the park.

Well, I decided to adjust my attitude. Keep running. Try it without music this time. My HR was great. No aches or pains. Besides, I could take a break in 10min for gel.

Well, I had my gel, extra water, and kept going.

Then at 1hr5min, I got horrible stomach pains. I decided to stop running for a minute. Didn't take long for me to figure out I needed a bathroom. Fast. Well, it was 6 blocks away. So away I went. Got there in time. And again decided to get back out there. I only lost about 6-8minutes, so I could keep going.

Well, I made it to the 100min mark. I was about a 5min walk away from where I was going. Legs hurt. I was really having to push myself. So I decided now was as good a time as any to walk. That way I would not miss my cool down again and pass out in the restaurant.

Before I went in, I sat and stretched my hips and back. Boy was I tight and sore on one side. So I stretched it twice.

I spent the rest of my day resting. I feel great.

When I started 100 days ago, I couldn't run for a solid 6minutes. If I made it once, I wouldn't be able to make it a second time. Now look at me. Okay, so I rested all of a total of 10minutes today. But I did run for 100minutes. In this heat.

My weight hasn't changed, but I'm going to have to start eating like an athlete soon anyhow.

Yahoo for 100 days!

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