Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small Stone of the Week - July 10 - 16

Haven't done this one in a while. But this morning I've had a few ideas what I'd like to do for this week. Nothing overwhelmingly major, but progress just the same.

This Week I want to focus on:
emoticon At least 8 glasses a day
emoticon The Daily Feedback graphs. I want those lines to stay in the "Met My Goals" range. All of them. I'm also going to montior the pie charts at the bottom. I honestly forget how they are supposed to turn out. I know fats should be a smaller piece of the pie. Time to learn again.
emoticon Running at least 3 times this week
emoticon Any strength training will be a bonus
emoticon Stretch. Another bonus, as I tend to not do this

Bonuses that I will see this week if I do all of these:
emoticon More stickers on my calendar.
emoticon progress with weight and measurements
emoticon progress in my running training schedule

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