Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's Kick in the Butt ...

The kick I gave myself yesterday was great. Now I figure it's worth it to do it again today.

TMI WARNING ... you may want to scroll down to the line of stars and skip this one, especially if you have a weak stomach, etc.

When I got up this morning, I was feeling a little lethargic. When I went to the bathroom this morning, I noticed partially digested blood in my stool. I think it SUCKS that I can tell what that is, but I can. Basically, I need to be careful for the next while. Not sure why my intestines are bleeding again. Maybe they just will on and off for the rest of my life...


Okay. Off this.

Now to motivate myself to get out the door. I just don't get why I have to kick so hard, and so often. I guess the activity hasn't become enough of a self-motivating factor yet. Guess I'll keep working on it.

I've got some long term goals. And they are great goals. But they aren't intrinsically motivating for me right now. Instead, they are serving to overwhelm me a bit. I set the bar really REALLY high this time. I am actually scared I might not make it.

But I believe I can, if I can find a way to keep working towards the goals.

So this week, I am needing to find smaller, more immediate goals to reach.

I need a haircut. Why not get a new hairdo, cut and color at the same time. Sounds like a reward me.... Maybe when the scale says 220lbs? This morning it said 227. Actually 228, but it did say 227 once...

So that's about a month away at this rate.

Okay. Time to focus on what my goals would be for getting out TODAY!
emoticon Calories Burned.
emoticon Endorphins
emoticon Feeling like a superhero.
emoticon Bragging rights.

Yeah, okay. I know. Bragging rights seems a little narcisistic. But whatever it takes. Besides, I agree that anyone who gets their butt up off the couch and does what they set their mind to for the day deserves bragging rights.

emoticon It'll feel great to be able to log back in and claim 5 or more miles finished.
emoticon The feeling that I am on track, progressing towards my goals
emoticon Knowing I'm still climbing that mountain. That I didn't give up.

No matter what I do, this next hour is going to pass me by. Am I going to make the most of it? Get out there and do something for me? I deserve it. I am worth it.

Or am I going to let all those couch potatoes steal my ability to do this? Am I going to let those nay-sayers have bragging rights come October? Brag that they were right? I couldn't do it?

Or am I going to get out there and fight for what I want? Fight for that small sexy body I had just last fall? I have all those jeans and clothes, and I can't even squeeze into them.

You know how to get back into them. You know how to rock those new bikinis.


No amount of money will get me there.
Buying new fitness clothes won't get me there.
Wishing for it won't get me there.


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