Sunday, January 20, 2013

Small Stone of the Week - Jan 20-26, 2013

This week I will:

emoticon Drink my minimum 8 glasses of water a day
emoticon Track EVERYTHING I eat
emoticon Run 3 times this week
emoticon Get to the Gym

That last one is the scariest for me. I have a plan. But I'm afraid to step into the gym. I'm afraid of not knowing what I'm doing. I'm afraid of being laughed at. I'm afraid to put myself out there and just do it.

I have a plan. It outlines EXACTLY what I need to do. Correct form. And what to use to do the exercise.

Of course I don't know what I'm doing. Many of these exercises are ones I've never done before. So what. Everyone starts somewhere.

Laughing at me? Seriously? If that's all you have in your life is to laugh at the new girl at the gym who is there and wants to learn, that's YOUR PROBLEM. NOT MINE. Get a friggin life.

My steps forward in this area are to just get to the gym and try it. I'm not going to worry about perfect form, or heavy weights. I'm going to focus on getting to the gym. Finding the right equipment. And doing WHAT I NEED TO DO. For my first two visits, I'll be happy with getting there, and going through the routines. It will not only help me overcome my fear of getting there. It'll help me overcome my fear that I can't do a certain exercise. Once I know I did it once, and lived to tell the tale the next day, I'll be ready to challenge myself with weights and moving forward after that.

I can do this.

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