Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 12 BodyMedia

I really knocked it out of the park yesterday.  I was worried when I tracked all my food for the day and realized I actually went over my calories.  Originally I had made a mistake with the recording, and thought I was over my 350 calories.

Anyhow, it's all good now.  The scare of thinking I'd gone so far over got my butt up off the couch and out for another walk last night.  That got me another 39 minutes of activity, 24 of which were vigorous.  It also set me over my limit with steps for the day.

The one bad thing - I didn't get nearly enough water.  I was thinking about that this morning.  It's such a shame.  Here I'm doing everything else right to burn off the fat, and I'm not drinking what I need to FLUSH IT OUT of my system.

Time to fix that.  RIGHT NOW

I just went to the site where I'm tracking all my foods, and can look at daily feedback reports.  I went over my calories and fats, but still didn't get enough carbs in.  I haven't all week.  That's not so good.  I might  have to actually start to figure out what I'm forgetting to eat.  I figured with all those hash brown potatoes with my breakfast yesterday, I was fine.  Guess not. 

Hmmm.  This is one I've got to fix.  Carbs are my main fuel for my fitness.  If I don't get enough, it will lead to me binging on high fat foods.  So NOT a good thing. 

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