Saturday, January 12, 2013

Check In

I've been pretty good with my goals all week. Mind you, they may not have been the exact goals I started out with, but progress is progress.

Water: I've been drinking 6 glasses a day. I need to step this up.

Blogging: I've been blogging every day on my positive thoughts blog. It's really helped. I had a rough day today, but found it not so bad to cope with.

Financial: I have to mail my cheque, but that kind of had to wait until today anyway - it's payday today. Then my TFSA is all set up and ready to go. As well, I got the information I wanted on GIF's and mutual funds.

This week, Hubby and his friend wanted me to book us all a trip to Las Vegas. So it turns out there will be 6 of us going to Vegas for a week. I'm struggling with that. His friend is a lot to handle. And the way he talks to his girlfriend does not sit well with me.

Anyhow, I can find a way to make this work I'm sure.

One goal I've met and didn't even know I was working towards it:
Food. I've tracked all my food every day since Monday. And I've stayed within my calorie range easily.

I tried on a jacket this morning that was way too tight, and its a little looser. I was proud of that until hubby laughed at me because of it - but that's a whole other story.

I am really happy with this progress, even though it's just a little step. It's still a little step in the right direction.

So, although I didn't meet all of the goals I set out, I did do something.

I'm counting this week as a success.

Tomorrow I'm going to gear up for next week: meal planning, groceries, laundry, planning to go running, deciding what my small stone of the week will be, etc.

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