Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on yesterdays ... successes???

Okay. Start with the good stuff.

I ran. I ran for 30min. Covered 2.4miles. Then decided i was done. In total, including the walk home, I covered 4.3miles in just under an hour. Burned 750 calories. Yeah me.

But my nutrition was WAY off. More padding than fuel.

McDonalds Super size Fries and tartar sauce for lunch. that did me in. Seriously. I knew it was high in calories/low nutrition, but WOW!

Then went out for wings last night.

Basically, I went over my calories by about 300 calories. Didn't get in enough carbs.

And I wonder why my run didn't go as long as I'd wanted....

Okay. Although I KNOW better than this, and on and on and on. I'm not going to start on that. I ran yesterday. Despite not being properly hydrated and fueled, I ran. And I had an epiphany about my running yesterday.

I really think I'll be okay with it now.

Anyhow, on to todays plan.
emoticon Drink my water. Time to re-hydrate this poor ol' body
emoticon That laundry is STILL staring at me...
emoticon Dishes. Clean the dishes today
emoticon Run. W7D2M - 60min tempo run This will put me back on track.
emoticon FUEL not PADDING today.

To knock it out of the park:
emoticon Unpack one of the suitcases too
emoticon start to organize stuff that can go back to Calgary
emoticon run the 60min tempo run WITH OUT STOPPING. (fyi, I don't count walking a few steps to take a drink stopping)

I still need to decide. I am thinking of buying a heavy punching bag and a stand so I can start to train in kickboxing.

I have found a few second hand bags/stands. I need to find a good training DVD though.

But I know. I tend to not use the DVD's. To be honest, I need to learn how to do it right, then work out a routine. Put on the music, and beat the heck out of the bag.

There are no classes locally around here. The nearest place for classes is an hour away. Might be worth it to go for a few classes to learn technique. Then let loose...

I don't know why I'm thinking this. Realistically, I need strength training more than I need more cardio. And it's extra equipment. More $$$. More space.

Argh. Decisions Decisions Decisions.

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