Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been struggling to get back on track.  I've barely ran for the last two weeks.  I'm so frustrated with it. 

But am I able to jump up and get out there and fix it?  Not so much.  I'm back to being lethargic. 

Oh wow.  I think I just figured out a few things.  I've been off my B12 for over a week, and I'm feeling down and lethargic.  Guess I need to get back on it asap. 

I also need to get back on my cleansing diet.  Really focus on doing what's right for me. 

I did go running today.  I didn't run far, but I went.  Now to keep what's been started rolling. 

Guess it's time for me to buckle down again.  All I know for sure is I won't be giving up on myself anytime soon.  I deserve better.

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