Sunday, August 12, 2012

A new Day, A new Start

What happened last week, or the week before is gone. Good or bad, it doesn't matter anymore. It's done. I can not be undone, or even re-done. All I can do is move forward from here.

If it was bad, I have less energy, motivation, or desire to get out there and do what needs to be done.

If it was good, my body is starting to adjust to it, and I need to push even harder to have another good week.

Either way, I have hard work ahead of me

The hardest pound to loose is the next pound.

I'm not going to give up on me. I'm worth more than that. I deserve more.

This calendar is far too sparce. Why it is doesn't really matter now. All I can do is change from today forward.

You want to get closer to this? What makes you think all those excuses over the past two weeks will get you ANYWHERE near this? Seriously.

I get sometimes things come up. Yes, I'm struggling with allergies and my breathing. That doesn't excuse it. It means I will get more of a workout in the same amount of time. I should still be pushing. Okay, so I can't go as fast, or as far. Right now what matters is getting my HR up and burning calories right? SO JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!!

You know this magic equation.

You know you want to get closer to this goal on the one side of the equation. That is a definite.

Fitness? Okay, it's been lacking. I need to focus on that for sure. I know I'm not going to do as well as I was doing 2 weeks ago. I've slid backwards. My breathing is causing some issues for me right now. But I can fight though this. I only need to do better than I did yesterday. So far today, I have.

Nutrition? I am struggling with the cleansing diet the doctor has put me on. It's so severely restrictive. But I need to focus on what I need to do and just do it. It's a short term discomfort for a long term benefit. That's all there is too it. Period.

It's what I need to do to take care of me right now. It's how I can put me first for a change.

Forget the last week. Forget the struggles yesterday even. Today is the day.

Today, I have:
- done much better with my fitness than yesterday.
- eaten clean on the cleansing diet so far.

I still have to focus on my nutrition for the rest of today. I also have to drink lots of water.

My goal for today is:
emoticon Get more fitness than yesterday. emoticon
emoticon Stick to my Cleansing diet 100%. On track
emoticon Drink 8+ glasses of water. On track.

So far so good. Motivation is up too. I KNOW I can do this today

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