Thursday, September 8, 2011

My 200 Day Journey - Day 160 ... or T Minus 40

I know. I have been way off track. Worst was the month of August. Too many changes. My mental health tanked. I was overwhelmed by my goals, etc.

But I`m not giving up. I can`t. Ready or not, the race is still fast approaching.

So I have been working at it. So far this month I`ve run 8.5miles. I know. Not enough. But last night was a real kick in the butt. I covered 5.2miles. Okay, I ran just over 3.5miles before I shut the music off and walked the rest of the way.

No matter how behind my program I feel, I won`t push through pain. Discomfort, yes. And I did. But pain? No way. And yes, I was aching once I got home. But it so worth it.

Now to keep pushing forward. Today my one shoulder is aching. I'm not sure how, but I hurt my shoulder last night. No biggie. But between actually waking up sore, and feeling so lethargic last night, I am debating not going today.

Okay. I would have to agree that the best idea is to get changed and try to run. But be ready to stop if it hurts. I'm betting I will loosen up as soon as I hit the pavement. Besides...

So todays plan?

emoticon Get dressed and go running
emoticon IF IT HURTS STOP!!!

I got on the scale yesterday - right before I went running. It was up to 230lbs.

What gives??? I was 230 when I started back in Feb. I've been running. Okay, not so much lately, but I was well into my training a few months back. And I never got below 225 this time.

Okay, so I was eating out, and that included chicken wings. But are they that bad that theywould counter act all the fitness I was getting????

I guess so.

Anyhow, no time left now. I've gotta focus on doing as much as I can every day to reach my goal of finishing the marathon in under 6.5 hours.

Weight loss will only be a bonus

I am thinking about a Strength Training challenge also right now. I'll have to focus on training that will benefit my running. Surprise surprise, I am reading on just how to do that.

Now to focus on the baby steps to get me where I need to be.

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